Departmental Monthly Report

The Student Life departmental update form is a tool that the vice president uses to stay informed about what’s going on in individual departments. Department heads are expected to complete the form on a monthly basis, and a copy of their responses will be shared with the vice president and the department’s reporting executive team member.

  • User Information

  • Executive Team

  • Projects and Events

  • What has wrapped up since your last report?
  • What is your team currently working on?
  • What is on the radar looking ahead for your department? Please also be sure to submit VPSL speaking and or attendance requests through Lensey.
  • Students

  • Student interactions, numbers, assistant, or other student-related updates to share?
  • Staff

  • Any staffing updates or concerns to share about your team?
  • Please include name of staff member and brief description of their outstanding work.
  • General Updates

  • What can we help you celebrate from this past month?
  • Identified issues that impact your departmental operations that the VPSL needs to be aware of, or can assist in improving.
  • Please share any updates on your yearly departmental goals.
  • Anything to share related to how your team has been employing continuous improvement strategies? (These are likely process, not project, oriented.) How can the SL Agility Team help?
  • Please share any additional information that was not outlined above that would be useful for the VPSL to know.
  • Submission